Saturday, September 06, 2003

Back on the Ho Chi Minh Trail

I betcha thought (for those two still reading) that because my last entry detailed how I got engaged, and I haven't written since, that I'm all "Well, that's it for independent pursuits. I's a married lady now, I'm done." It's all "We think," this and "We plan to do," that from now on. Well, bullocks to you. I've just had a lot on my mind.

When we step on a plane in a few days' time on September 10th, we will have been back in Canada for exactly a month before taking off back to Asia. Cameron and I are taking jobs in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This month has been filled with initial inertia, followed by gluttony, anxiety and errands. We've picked the location for our wedding ceremony, reception, got some idea about a marriage commissioner (I should book Monday), researched and booked a caterer, researched and booked a photographer, made guest lists, tried to sell my car, rushed visas, arranged a flight, talked to all those institutions that like to keep tabs on you, saw family and friends, and watched a lot of tv.

I plan to write more, and on a regular basis, once we're settled. i.e. not homeless. Please cross your fingers for us that it all works out. We're really excited by this, but are completely flying by the seat of our pants. i.e. poor.

Talk to you all soon. Maybe I'll know some Vietnamese then, aside from mastering how to order noodle soup.

Love, Tracy
5:06:00 PM

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